Best Cutting Board for Knives

Choosing the best Hygienic and Knife-Friendly cutting board is very confusing at times. Don’t worry. You are at the right place here. Our experts have sought out something to help you find the best cutting boards for you. This article can be pretty helpful in considering which cutting board suits best to your kitchen.

After an excellent kitchen knife, the most used tool for cooking food is the cutting board. It creates a smooth, rugged surface while protecting counters and panels from scratches. It’s also great for handling hot utensils (or as a plate if you feel lazy). Its size is large enough to carve a chicken, and it is too small to prepare garnishes for decoration. They are made of wood, plastic, or glass and can range from three inches thick to just one millimeter.

Whether you are a home chef or Pro, the number one rule for cooking is to keep your knife edges sharper. It is easier to say: a properly maintained knife prevents accidents by cutting smoothly through the ingredients than a dull blade and makes chopping more accessible and a fun task.

There are many ways to protect the knife edges from damage. What you hadn’t thought of before had nothing to do with the knife itself. It’s all about the cutting board you are using.

There are many arguments for using a wooden cutting board over plastic or bamboo. The long life of the knife is an essential consideration among them. Wood from Trees like maple, acacia are best because they don’t soften the blade as quickly as a more rigid surface like plastic, marble, or glass. Although bamboo may be second in protecting your knife, it is still about 20 percent harder than a material like maple.

A granite cutting board may go well with the kitchen decor, but you may need to think about how it will affect your knife edges. Your choice of cutting board has a direct effect on your knife edges, so think before you buy.

Let’s look into the best cutting boards each of its kind and their effects on our knives’ edges and our hygiene because it matters a lot as it is called a “Workhorse of Kitchen.”

We are going to list down the High-Quality Cutting Boards that Won’t Dull Your Expensive Kitchen Knives.

Best Cutting Board for Knives — Buying Guide

Choosing a cutting board has never been easier. We did a lot of research and went through the depths of the market, and got the best cutting boards that will not harm your expensive knives. These cutting boards are not so expensive that people can’t afford them. However, we selected the best of best but want to make you guys able to select from these best cutting boards. 

Each category has been broken down into classifications that will allow you to sort your condition accordingly. Before deciding to purchase a cutting board, there are a few things to consider. There are different types of cutting boards available in the market for various needs. 

Make sure you have a comfortable counter stool for cutting if you want to make it easier to prepare food. A comfortable stool will make your preparation more relaxed.

1. Build Material

Quality matters a lot. Whenever you are going to buy a cutting board, always look for quality material. It may be in the description. Acacia and bamboo wood are the best material to use as cutting boards because they will save your expensive knife from ruining.

Be aware of granite cutting boards. They are stiff enough to ruin the sharpness of your knife. Never ever buy a granite board. Plastic cutting boards are not bad. They will not ruin the knife.

2. Cutting Usage

There are different types of usages of a cutting board. Like if you want to chop only meat, you can buy Butcher Block, or you can find a board that is able to do multitasking. A multi-purpose cutting board could be the best option for you. Bambusi Bamboo Butcher Block Board is a multi-purpose cutting board.

If you only intend to use a cutting board as a preparation. So an over the sink cutting board will be best for you as well as being less expensive than others. On this board, you can chop and wash the veggies at the same time. Dexas Over the sink cutting board is good for you. 

3. Feature

There are some main features you can focus on according to your desire. Make sure that the cutting board cannot be slipped while chopping. A non-slip cutting board can be heavy, or it has rubber legs under it.

Also, you must look for a juice groove on a cutting board. A juice groove is a channel across the boundaries that will save you from creating a mess all over the counter. 

4. Shape

It depends on your choice because it doesn’t affect the performance of the cutting board. There are many shapes out in the market. But most common are Rectangle and Round

10 Best Cutting Boards for Knives

These are our recommendations and comparison table, to help you out in understanding all products at once.

81JfSjMOdzL. AC SR200,200 | Cutting Board for Knives Bamboo Cutting Board by Royal Craft

-Build-in Groove
-1-Year warranty
Check On Amazon
81dtNZ4CkML. AC SR200,200 | Cutting Board for Knives Bamboo Cutting Board by Freshware

-Moso bamboo wood
-BPA Free
Check On Amazon
612RN1NN3sL. AC SR200,200 | Cutting Board for Knives Dexas Cutting Board

-Funnel shape
-Non-slip feet
Check On Amazon
41vB0hdUt0L. AC SR200,200 | Cutting Board for Knives John Boos Cutting Board 

-Flat cutting surface
-1 Year Warranty
Check On Amazon
81r6u A8e6L. AC SR200,200 | Cutting Board for Knives Ironwood Grain Cutting Board

-Easy to clean
-Juice channel
Check On Amazon
81qMSya4NDL. AC SR200,200 | Cutting Board for Knives Bambusi Bamboo Butcher Board

-Pyramid Design
-Built-in Drip Groove
Check On Amazon
81YwKv%2BBJ9L. AC SR200,200 | Cutting Board for Knives Prodyne Cutting Board

-Bottom Tray
-Two sides
Check On Amazon
61TWja4dyPL. AC SR200,200 | Cutting Board for Knives Joseph Plastic Cutting Set

-Non-Slip Feet
-Textured cutting surface
Check On Amazon
71B0LsMQfVL. AC SR200,200 | Cutting Board for Knives Dexas Cutting Board

-Non-slip edges
-Dishwasher safe
Check On Amazon
61EhkJHstZL. AC SR200,200 | Cutting Board for Knives Cynllio Bamboo Cutting Board

-Large Opening trays
-Juice Groove
Check On Amazon

Now, we will see the features of all products in detail to find out best Cutting Board for Knives.

1. Bamboo Cutting Board by Royal Craft

  • Knife-Friendly Surface
  • Stunning Durability
  • Build-in Groove
  • 1-Year warranty 

A cutting board is not good if it ruins your knife’s sharpness. At once, by looking at the board, anyone can say it’s the most common thing. One can not give it the importance that it’s capable of. Only a chef can realize its importance. 

Royal Crafts presents to you the original bamboo cutting board with grooves on it that will not let the juices of vegetables or fruits fall out of the board. A Juice Groove is very important because it will save you from creating the mess out of cutting fruits or vegetables.

Royal Crafts gives a 1-year warranty on this most common product. It means they are very loyal to their customers as their name has royalty. This bamboo cutting board is available in both round and rectangle shapes. It comes in 5 different sizes that vary from Small to XXXL. Also, the price of this is very low and affordable. This product is a best seller on Amazon. Thousands of people bought it and used it.

  • Juice Groove
  • Cheap
  • Hygienic
  • No Handler

Why do we put this on our list?

By testing it we concluded that this cutting board is very gentle on knives. Bamboo wood is soft enough not to dull the sharpness of your knives. Also, it has juice grooves and price is affordable. These are the reasons we put it on our list.

2. Bamboo Cutting Board by Freshware

  • Made of Organic Moso bamboo wood
  • Extremely safe to use
  • BPA free 
  • Designed to satisfy chef needs

Bamboo adds a class to a cutting board. Bamboo also has its benefits. Freshware brings a set of three cutting boards purely made up of bamboo wood. They made this set to make user-friendly products so the user can easily benefit from different sizes.

This cutting board can be used as serving trays too. It looks beautiful and adds more grace to your presentation of food. This cutting board has handles, so it makes cutting easy for you. Price is also very low anyone can afford it easily.

One thing this product lacks is juice grooves. Lacking grooves can place you in a difficult situation when you are going to chop juicy fruits or vegetables. You have to take care of this every time if you want to enjoy a cheap product.

  • Set of 3
  • Cheap
  • Pure Bamboo Wood
  • No Juice Grooves

Why do we put this on our list?

This freshware cutting board has no juice grooves. But its low price and its package of 3 cutting boards make us put it on our list. No doubt its made of Bamboo wood as we tested on our behalf.

3. Dexas Chop & Scoop Cutting Board

  • Funnel shape with curved edges
  • Non-slip feet
  • Non-porous and non-absorbent
  • Elevated grip handle for convenience

Lightweight cutting boards are useful too. They can be easily handled when you put some food on them. These types of cutting boards can also be used as serving trays. Lightweight cutting boards are made up of polypropylene (plastic).

Dexas is a brand in the USA. They are the manufacturers of daily routines plastic products related to the kitchen. They bring up an awesome lightweight cutting board made up of plastic. 

Its design is flawless, as it is shaped like a serving tray, so juice grooves don’t fall off the board. It has a handle for extra grip and is designed to be non-slip. It has four rubber grips under the cutting board, so it will not move while you are doing the tough chopping. 

  • Juice Groove
  • Light-Weight
  • Rubber legs for extra grip
  • Plastic

Why do we put this on our list?

Plastics cutting boards are not as soft as compared to wooden ones. But they are also not as hard as ceramic ones. Plastic cutting boards are also gentle on knives. This is reason we put it on our list after reviewing it.

4. John Boos Edge Grain Cutting Board 

  • Made of Maple Wood
  • Smooth and Flat cutting surface
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Professional grade durability

Maple wood is one of the top-quality woods out there. This wood is good enough not to ruin the sharpness of your expensive knife. It looks good in a kitchen and works perfectly as a cutting board for every type of chopping and defrosting.

This John Boos cutting board is made with Maple wood is a 12-inch rectangle, and the corners of this board are rounded, so you’ll be safe from any kind of injury. This john boos cutting board has four rounded legs made up of the same wood that will allow the cutting board to stick in one place. These legs make this cutting board look beautiful. 

This board came with a 1-year warranty of material and workmanship. This Maple Wood required more care than others. You have to apply john boos mystery oil in dry climates when it’s brand new. After applying the mystery oil, you have to apply boos cream to seal the surface. These two items have to be bought other than the board. 

  • Top-quality Maple Wood
  • Unique Design
  • Safe for expensive knives
  • No Juice Grooves
  • Expensive

Why do we put this on our list?

Maple wood is softer than bamboo wood. This wood is more gentle on knives too. We have concluded all of this data by testing different cutting boards. But this wood is expensive. We have listed it in case someone has a high bugdet.

5. Ironwood Grain Cutting Board with Channel

  • Made from Acacia wood
  • Unique contrasting patterns
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Juice channel holds 10 fluid ounces

Wooden cutting boards are more than they look. Wooden cutting boards are known for their classy patterns and nice smells. Every time you touch the wooden board, it feels fresh. Cutting boards become more valuable when they are made with top-quality wood. 

Acacia is one of the top-quality woods, and it’s very safe for expensive knives though it’s also expensive. This cutting board is made by Ironwood Gourmet and made with acacia wood. This piece of wood is an example of craftsmanship. The patterns on this board look awesome.

This cutting board has a juice groove that can keep about 10 ounces of juice in it. You can use it as a preparation station for cooking. This board doesn’t have handles for grip. This type of cutting board also needs more care than any others.

  • Top-quality Acacia wood
  • Juice Groove
  • Expensive
  • No handles for grip

Why do we put this on our list?

Acacia wood and maple wood both are approximately similar in softness. But Acacia wood is little more soft than maple. This is the reason it is expensive. We put it on our list because it the most soft wood cutting board.

6. Bambusi Bamboo Butcher Block Board

  • Skills of a PRO Carving Chef
  • Pyramid Design
  • Built-in Drip Groove
  • Reverse side is Flat

Bambusi is a wood maker brand that makes daily home and kitchen products from top-quality wood with top-quality craftsmanship. This butcher block is a piece of craftsmanship. It is beautifully designed to tackle every problem a meat slicer can face.

This butcher cutting board is made up of Bamboo wood that will save your knife from dullness. This bamboo cutting board has a juice groove. It features a unique pyramid-shaped ridges design that will not allow the meat to move or slip. This feature also helps in carving.

Bmabusi believes in their quality so much that they offer full cashback if you don’t like their product. This cutting board is multi-functional. This cutting board can be used as a serving tray, and it will add more grace to your presentation.

  • Pyramid Shaped Ridges
  • Juice Groove
  • Bamboo Wood
  • Affordable
  • A bit small in size
  • No handles for grip

Why do we put this on our list?

This cutting board is multi-tasking board. Also, made of bamboo wood. Very gentle on the sharpnes of knives. These reasons forced us to put it on our list.

7. Prodyne Prep & Slice Cutting Board

  • Bottom Tray
  • Two sides one for vegetables one for meat
  •  No countertop mess

Cutting boards with trays are more useful than others. These types of cutting boards have trays that will help not to mess with the kitchen counter. The bottom tray can be used for seasoning, marinating steaks, chopping, and seafood. 

Prodyne is a home products manufacturer. They made this cutting board with a big tray at the bottom. It’s made of propylene BPA-Free plastic. The board can be used for chopping vegetables. The tray can be used for meat. The tray will work as a juice groove when you are going to slice juicy fruits and vegetables.

Price matters a lot. You might think with these features, this cutting board can be very expensive, but this is a cheap cutting board. That anyone can afford it. It has a low price and more features.

  • Bottom Tray
  • Nice Design and Quality
  • Affordable
  • Made of Plastic

Why do we put this on our list?

This plastic cutting board is made to resolve modern problems. It has a serving tray that also is used as a chopping board. Also, it is cheap. These features make us take the decision of putting it on our list.

8. Joseph Nest Plastic Cutting Set

  • Organized & space-saving storage stand
  • Non-Slip Feet
  • Textured cutting surfaces

Modern kitchens need modern products, Wooden cutting boards are excellent, but they can not fit into the modern world. Joseph Joseph is a modern product manufacturer. They made a cutting board with a stand.

This cutting board is made of plastic that is safe for expensive knives. It will not dull the sharpness of the knife. This cutting board has juice grooves that will save you from the mess on the counter. Stainless steel handles add grace to their design, and they look nice.

Joseph Joseph gives a modern stand and set of three cutting boards. The stand has equal space for all three boards, so air can pass through them and help them dry easily. Three cutting boards are in different sizes, and all of them are in different colors. You can use them for different purposes, like the big one can be used for meat chopping, and the smaller one can be used for vegetable slicing.

  • Set of three
  • Stand for organizing boards
  • Not Expensive
  • Modern Design
  • Made of Plastic

Why do we put this on our list?

Modern Design and space saving solution is extra ordinary. Also, its not very expensive that one can’t afford. The plastic used in it is not an ordinary plastic. High quality plastic is used in making of this product. After testing it we have make the decisionto put it on our list.

9. Dexas Over the Sink Cutting Board

  • Non-slip rubber edges
  • Basket can be used separately as a colander
  • Dishwasher safe

A cutting board that is made for food preparation must be set over the sink. Chopping vegetables over the sink is very useful. You can wash the prep material on the spot—no need to wash them separately. The price of this cutting board is very affordable.

Dexas made this over the sink cutting board by researching consumers’ needs. This cutting board is made up of BPA-free plastic. The length of this board is 20 inches. It can easily fit on the sink table. At both ends, there are non-slip rubber pads that will stick the board to one place. 

The most exciting feature of this cutting board is its built-in basket. You can put all the chopped veggies in it for washing. This basket has pores at the bottom that will help water to come out from the basket. This basket can also be used separately as a colander. This over the sink cutting board is dishwasher safe. The edges of this board are raised above so that no juice will fall out of the board.

  • Not Expensive
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Juice Groove
  • Made of Plastic

Why do we put this on our list?

This cutting board can be used over the sink. Where you can chop and wash the preperation food at same time. As it has basket for washing. All of its features works properly. That’s why we put iit on our list.

10. Cynllio Bamboo Cutting Board with Trays

  • Made of Natural Bamboo
  • Perfect size & Sits High
  • Large Opening trays
  • Juice Groove

Cutting boards with small storage containers can be helpful. Whenever you cut vegetables, there is a mess on the counter, and you have to run here and there to clean them up. 

This cutting board is made up of pure bamboo wood that is safe for the sharpness of knives. It’s a drawer-type design. The board’s upper side is used for chopping vegetables, and underneath the board are four containers for storage. Its design gives height to this board that helps you in easy chopping.

This cutting board has a juice groove. There is a rectangle cut on the cutting board on the right. That is where you can put the containers with the vegetables into them. This idea makes chopping easy and not messy. The drawers can be kept in the refrigerator as well.

  • Affordable
  • Nice Design
  • Juice Groove
  • Storage Containers
  • Chances of breaking

Why do we put this on our list?

This cutting board is also a good example of two in one. You can store the vegetables in it right after cutting them. Because it has storage racks. After reviewing them we analyzed that these compartments have good space. That’s why we put it on our list.

Tips for Durability of a Cutting Board

Durability is the most important factor that can affect your decision. Wooden cutting boards need more care and attention than plastic ones. If you don’t care at all, the wooden cutting board may start cracking, or the finish may get dull. On the other hand, you can use plastic cutting boards as you want. They don’t need extra care and attention.


Don’t let your wooden cutting board become so dirty that you have to clean it with water. Try to clean it with cloth, because water can be harmful to wood. If you get your cutting board so dirty that you have to wash it. Then wash it with soap water, and clean it cloth immediately.

Oil & Cream

Whenever you buy a wooden cutting board, you have to oil it with Buther Block Oil available frequently in the market. Even some cutting board makers are selling these oils. This oil is used to let wood wet. Use this oil often in dry climates. Also, there is Butcher block board Cream that will fill the little cracks in the wood.


We Know that the sharpness of a knife is very important. If a knife is sharp then it can make cooking fun, but if its sharpness is dull then it can ruin the mood for cooking. We really care about the mood of a person, that’s why we did our complete research on these products and bring the best cutting boards for knives.

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