Best Kitchen Counter Stools

Like the best kitchen counter stools, buying anything related to your home mainly depends upon your desire. But having some information on the product you’re choosing is a good practice. It is good to consider all aspects of an item to make an excellent purchase to increase your knowledge.

Nowadays, one thing is available in different varieties, so it’s better to search. When buying a product without research, you can get wired and realize that your choice is not good. Maybe your chosen product is best for someone else. It all depends upon your requirement simply. Selecting the best kitchen counter stools is a bit tricky. 

Things like decorations take some time to decide what to choose because it depends upon the whole color scheme of the kitchen and your counter, for which you are looking for chairs.

At first, please try to make an image of your kitchen outlook and design, and then consider what type of design you need. If you want to give an old and classy look to your kitchen and have ample space for your kitchen, you can select from swivel kitchen counter stools. They are more comfortable, and they can give a fancy and warm look to your kitchen island.

Suppose you want a simple design and do not like fancy products because fancy counter stools for the kitchen need more care. If you have a small kitchen, it is best to buy adjustable counter stools that can easily fit your kitchen. Also, you don’t need to worry about height.

So, here we have selected many stools that can increase your kitchen’s shine and decoration. We are sure you get good reviews from your family and friends on this purchase.

Buying Guide.

Whenever you’re out or searching online for the best kitchen counter stools, make sure that you have some things clear in your mind. The purpose of making the purchase and quality you are looking for. Because not every expensive product is good at quality, and not every cheap product is bad at quality. Also, we listed some other factors on which you can judge a product to make a good purchase.

Adjustable Stools

One can adjust these stools according to their kitchen’s height. Height-adjusted stools can be more helpful if you have kids in your home and cannot sit on a high stool. So they can easily adjust height before sitting and adjust it with their hand after sitting on it. This type of stool is also helpful if you have a small kitchen. You can easily adjust them at any place.

Swivel Stools

These types of stools are old-fashioned and rotatable. These stools are for those who like heavy furniture and mid-century designs or have their kitchen design attached to television lounges. In our opinion, these stools are best for big kitchens. You can enjoy the television while your coffee maker is making coffee for you.

Backless Stools 

A stool without a backrest can also be used as bar stools and various places in the house. These stools are cheaper and more durable than other types of stools. These are simple stools that you can buy and use at any place in your home.

5 Best Kitchen Counter Stools

These are our recommendations and comparison table, to help you out in understanding all products at once.

61lBY4vYVKL. AC SR200,200 | Kitchen Counter Stools Boraam Augusta Swivel Stool

-Durable footrest
-360-degree steel swivel plate
-Weight Capacity upto 300lbs
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71ZHgBLZfLL. AC SR200,200 | Kitchen Counter Stools Amazon Basics Wood Stool

-Weight Capacity
upto 220lbs
-Easy to Assemble
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71EVTA9iaQL. AC SR200,200 | Kitchen Counter Stools Linon Claridge Counter Stool

-Weight Capacity upto 275lbs
-Imported Black PU Seat
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8130DNC3lpL. AC SR200,200 | Kitchen Counter Stools Modern Square Bar Stools

-built in 360° Swivel
-Height adjustment
-Weight Capacity up to 300Ibs
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71OTaMkigtL. AC SR200,200 | Kitchen Counter Stools Keira Folding Counter Stool

-Vinyl Padded Seat
-Weight Capacity upto 250lbs
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71MOJW7apjL. AC SR200,200 | Kitchen Counter Stools Armen Counter Height Bar Stool

-Faux Leather Padded seat 
-1 Year Warranty
-Weight Capacity upto 250lbs
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71ow738nGTL. AC SR200,200 | Kitchen Counter Stools Walker Edison Counter Chairs

-Easy to assemble
-Weight Capacity upto 300lbs
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61ubjJ%2BTZgL. AC SR200,200 | Kitchen Counter Stools Linon Triena Red Cherry Wood Seat

-Red Cherry Wood
-Black Vinyl Padded Seat
-Weight Capacity upto 250lbs
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71SdDVwBppL. AC SR200,200 | Kitchen Counter Stools Folding Stool by Trademark Home

-Weight Capacity upto 250lbs
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71AeL6ez9IL. AC SR200,200 | Kitchen Counter Stools AC Pacific Counter Stool

-Made of Steel
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Now, we will see the features of all stools in detail to find out best kitchen counter stools for you.

1. Boraam Augusta Swivel Stool

  • Constructed with solid hardwood
  • 360-degree steel ball-bearing swivel plate
  • Slightly flared legs for stable seating
  • Durable footrest
  • Black faux leather
  • Weight Capacity upto 275lbs

When we have to select a top product, it must have all the qualities one is looking for. This Boraam counter height stool has a bearing that can rotate, and the rest of the chair remains still. Only the seat will rotate.

Boraam made this stool with a high quality of wood. They also give you options on what type of wood you want to select. There are so many options, from the colors of the seats to a selection of wood. Its seat and backrest are comprised of high-density foam cushions covering high-quality faux leather upholstery. Boraam also gives you chair options, i.e., 24 inches and 29 inches. 

Although this is not a budget product, Boraam is a furniture brand. They do not compromise on their quality. They deliver you this chair unassembled with a complete kit and guide to assembling. It is effortless to assemble this chair. They claim that they will give you premium furniture at affordable prices.

This is a comfortable chair, and you sit at it for a long time if you wanted to. It will not hurt your back. When something hurts you, you cannot enjoy anything. 

  • Rotateable
  • Backrest
  • Comfortable
  • Heavy weight
  • Difficult to move from one place to other

Why do we choose this product?

After analyzing it completely we figured out that this stool have qualites of two stools. This stool is can used as counter stool and it is swivel stool too. You can enjoy this classic stool in two ways.

2. Amazon Basics Solid Wood Stool

  • Counter Stools with Foot Rests
  • Contoured Saddle-Seat
  • Ideal for Counter-Height Surfaces
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Seat Dimension is 16 x 9
  • Up to 220 pounds Weight Capacity

When you think you don’t want to sit on the chair for very long, but only for a while for eating. This pair of Amazon basic counter stools will be your best decision because it is the most straightforward and good-looking form of a stool.

After reviewing this counter stool we figured out that it’s made up of A-design squared legs that will help you adjust your feet on the stool. It has a saddle seat that you say is not so comfortable, and also, it does not have a backrest. It handles weight up to 220 pounds. It comes in two sizes that are 24 inches that is an ideal size, and the other is 29 inches.

This stool’s design is universal that can fit all types of counters like kitchens, home bars, and workspaces. Both traditional and contemporary decors will merge in both styles. No one can say that this stool is for this or for that. It easy to assemble this stool as it came unassembled from the company. 

Amazon gives you two colors in this product, black and white, as these are the primary colors according to their basic idea of everything.

  • Simple Design
  • Light Weight
  • Solid pure Wood
  • No Cushioning
  • Less Comfortable

Why do we choose this?

This counter stool can be used anywhere in the home kitchen, Barstool, and as a BBq stool. Also, it’s very low at price. These are the reasons we put this on our list.

3. Linon Claridge Counter Stool

  • 83% Polyurethane, 17% Polyester
  • Imported Black PU Seat
  • Black Finish Patch Designer Top
  • Silver Nail Head Accents
  • Weight Capacity: 275lbs

This counter stool is from Linon home decor that is not a dominant brand. But it has a good wood design which can equally distribute the weight. It has no backrest but has cushioned seats. Eventually, you can not sit for very long on this counter stool.

The seat is made of polyurethane and polyester that make the seat comfortable. The finishing of this seat is done by the faux leather cover and silver nail design on the stool’s sides that make it shine. The cover has a squared patch design that makes it look better. After testing this stool we can say that its comfort level is good.

This counter stool has 24 inches in height. It comes in different colors and seat cover designs. That will allow you to choose the counter stools according to your decor.

  • Cushioning
  • Comfortable
  • Simple Design
  • No Backrest

Why do we choose this?

This counter stool is selected due to its comfort level. It has coushioned seat so you can sit on it for a long time.

4. Modern Square Adjustable Bar Stools

  • With a built in 360° Swivel
  • Air-lift handle for height adjustment
  • Cushion dimension: 16”W x 15” D
  • High density foam
  • Constructed with Polished Chrome

Leopard is a furniture brand that specializes in furniture making. They make an ultra-modern counter table stool. This stool has a backrest. Anyone can sit on it for a long time as it is made up of highly comfortable cushioned material. 

The structure of this counter stool is made up of polished steel. It is a swivel stool that can rotate 360 degrees and makes you feel comfortable. This stool’s height is adjustable from 21 inches to 31 inches. It is a pack of two products; you can not buy a single stool.

Leopard gives you different color options that will match or contrast with your decor. There are approximately nine colors that leopards offer. The cover comprises top-quality faux leather having a squared patch design. The finishing of the body is chrome.

  • Rotateable
  • Height Adjustable
  • Modern Design
  • Backrest
  • Heavy Weight.
  • Expensive

Why do we choose this?

These counter stools are the modern one. These are for modern homes and kitchens. They have backrest that assures the extra comfort. Also, these are swivel stools. These reasons make us put this stool on our list.

5. Keira Pad Back Folding Counter Stool

  • Rich Espresso Finish
  • Dark Brown Vinyl Padded Seat
  • Weight Capacity upto 250 pounds
  • Front and rear supports provide Extra Stability

Linon home decor brings you a unique design kitchen counter stool of its nature. This stool can be folded from the seat by anyone. This stool has a backrest and cushioned seat, and backrest. This product will be useful when you are short of space and put the stools back in your store.

The height of it is 24 inches, which is a standard height. Wood finishing is in espresso black that will enlighten your decor. The overall design is very classic and clean, not very funky. 

Polyester is used as foam in the seat to increase comfort. The seat covers are made up of dark brown vinyl pads or covers. The color combination of both the seat and wood is incredible. This product will be delivered fully assembled by the company.

  • Backrest
  • Cushioning
  • More Comfortable.
  • Expensive

Why do we choose this?

This counter stool have backrest and good coushing. Most apealing factor of this counter stool is it’s foldable, and we have analyze that it can be fold and unfold without any hesitation.

6. Armen Counter Height Bar Stool

  • Soft and Smooth Faux Leather
  • Comfortable Curved Foam Padded Seat
  • 360 degree Swivel Function
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • 100% Polyurethane
  • Dimensions 17″W X 20″D X 35″H

Armen Living is also a furniture brand that makes modern-style furniture. They make a kitchen counter stool that is from the future. It is brilliantly designed and brings your decor to the future. It comes in different sizes that are 26 inches bar height, 26 inches counter height, and 30 inches bar height.

The wood is finished in two colors one is walnut, and the other is grey. This stool has a backrest, and one can sit for a long on this stool. The seat is made up of polyurethane material that makes it comfortable, and the upholstery is brown. The foot stands are made up of stainless steel.

Armen living gives one year warranty on this product. It has 360 degrees rotating (Swivel) functionality. Due to its modernity, it is an expensive product most people can’t afford.

  • Modern Design
  • Backrest
  • Comfortable
  • Quality Cushioning
  • Expensive

Why do we choose this?

we have analyzed that this counter stool have touch of both modern and classic styling. The design makes it look modern. On the other hand wood used in it makes it classic. This combination looks perfect. This is the reason we put it onour list.

7. Walker Edison Counter Chairs

  • Chairs support up to 300Ibs
  • Polyurethane
  • Value for money
  • Dimensions: 34.5” H x 14” D x 15” L
  • 100% Polyurethane

This counter kitchen stool is from Walker Edison. They only deal in furniture stuff. This counter stool is one of the good products they are selling, and customers are happy with this product. Thousands of people test this counter stool, and the majority have a 5-star opinion on it.

The frame of this counter stool is made up of steel, and it can bear about 250 pounds of weight, which is not bad at all. The design of this frame is very minimalistic and lightweight. So it’s easy to place this counter stool anywhere. 

This stool’s seat and backrest are single pieces with no joints. The material used to make its seat is polyurethane, quite comfortable. This counter stool doesn’t come with an armrest. The company offers you three colors, Black, whiskey brown, Navy blue, and grey. The most popular and attractive color is whiskey brown.

This product is shipped non-assembled. Consumers have to assemble this stool on his/her own. But nothing to worry about in this situation. The company gives a step-by-step manual on how to assemble the stool. And it is effortless. 

  • Simple Design
  • Light Weight
  • Backrest
  • Low amount of cushioning material used

Why do we choose this?

By using it we pointed out that this counter stool is very light weight. Easy to place on counters and easy to move.

8. Linon Triena Red Cherry Wood Seat

  • 83% Polyurethane, 17% Polyester
  • Red Cherry Wood Finish
  • Black Vinyl Padded Seat
  • 24″ Seat Height
  • Solid construction

Linon makes this wooden frame counter kitchen stool. This counter stool/chair is a classic one that is best for traditional kitchens. This stool is handcrafted. The wooden frame is polished in dark cherry. This finishing looks excellent on this stool. It has a footrest on all four sides for more comfort.  

Polyester and polyurethane are used inside the seat for better comfort and joy. The seat’s cover is made up of black vinyl pads that will add more grace and shine to this chair/stool. The backrest is made up of wood, and no cushioning is provided at the back.

Hundreds of other people used the same product, and they are all very sure that this is the best product they can get with no alignment issues. Also, it’s the durable one. Linon sells this product as a single entity. They don’t sell this as a pair. It’s shipped by the company partially assembled. Consumers have to assemble it completely for use.

  • Handmade
  • Quality Wood used
  • Nice Colour Combinations
  • No Cushioning on backrest

Why do we choose this?

This is old fashioned but comfortable counter stool. It is perfect for old themed kitchens or Bars. It will works perfect on both places.

9. Folding Stool by Trademark Home

  • Compact & Foldable
  • 300 Pound Weight Capacity
  • Easy to Clean
  • Portable due to its lightweight
  •  PVC and Steel body

The lavish home decor brings an all-rounder kitchen counter stool. It is lightweight, minimalist, and easy to move from one place to another. This counter stool comes in packs of 2. It’s a very affordable and good-quality product that looks good in your kitchen.

This stool doesn’t have a backrest. Its seat is made up of PVC cover and cushioning to provide a more comfortable seat. It’s also easy to clean. This stool’s height is 24 inches, suitable for kitchen counters.

This stool frame is made up of 1mm thick steel that can bear up to 250 pounds, suitable for an average person in America. This stool is foldable, and you can squeeze it to fit in a store. And whenever you need it, you can unfold the stool and ready for sitting. It comes in 6 different colors to choose from according to your decor.

  • Foldable
  • Light Weight
  • Cheap
  • No backrest
  • Less Comfortable.

Why do we choose this?

By testing this stool we came to a decision that this counter stool is for quick use. you can not sit on it for long time. These are cheap and foldable. You can easily fold them and keep them in stores for next use.

10. AC Pacific Counter Stool

  • Distressed Imported Metal
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Industrial Design
  • Made of Steel 

These are the most common kitchen counter stools. AC Pacific is the manufacturer of this kitchen counter stool. They made it with pure metal, and no cushioning was provided. These are also the simplest ones available in the market. No doubt, this kitchen counter stool is cheap and affordable.

This kitchen counter stool has a backrest and footrest, making you a little more comfortable. But without cushioning, no one can sit on it for a long time. The company made this product with distressed metal that makes it lightweight. Item weight is only 10 pounds, and it can bear up to 250 pounds.

This stool’s design is not modern and one step behind from classics. But it is available in multiple colors to allow customers to buy according to their decor. The colors are finishings on the metal.

  • Pure Steel
  • Backrest
  • No cushioning
  • Not Comfortable

Why do we choose this?

We have put these counter stools because they are made of steel and they are rigid. These counter stools are long lasting. But you cannot sit on it for long time.


Above are the products that we selected for you to look your kitchen fantastic also don’t exceeds your budget. These products are hand-picked by our specialist on the basis of people reviews and overall brand image on these particular products. 

Final Statement

Hope we helped you a lot by picking up needles from the grass. Because it is not easy to select a top quality product not a top rated product. After all, in our opinion Armen Counter Height Bar Stool should be your choice if you have a budget.  If you are finding low cost counter stools then Amazon Basics Counter Stools will suit you.

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