Can air fryer replace a microwave?

Can air fryer replace a microwave?

I have been using both the microwave and air fryer for a long time. And I am here to share my appropriate experience with you people that what you can buy an air fryer or microwave. Both the microwave and an air fryer have their own benefits, but one can prioritize their use and make a perfect purchase as per daily need.

I am going to give a to-the-point answer and then break down its details further.

Can air fryer replace a microwave?

Not really you cannot replace an air fryer with a microwave. In a sense that you are not willing to throw your microwave out when you bought an air fryer. I’ll break down all the technicalities and help you out in making the best decision.

If you have a microwave oven already and you are thinking of selling that microwave and buy an air fryer instead. You have to think about your daily usage of microwaves. Basically, microwaves have their own sets of usage and air fryers have their own. And you have to think about what usages you can compromise on which.

How does an Air Fryer work?

An air fryer has a heating element inside and a small heavy-powered fan. The fan will circulate the heat that comes out from the heating element in the form of hot air. That air is so evenly distributed in the basket of the air fryer that it will cook the food evenly from all of its sides and from the inside. The fan is usually installed on the top to suck air from the gap at the top.

This is the complete mechanism by which all the air fryers work. They may differ in size or power but they work the same.

How does a Microwave work?

Microwaves work on an entirely different mechanism than an air fryer works. Microwaves don’t have heat elements, instead, they have a mechanism called “Magnetron” that throws the magnetic wave onto your food. These magnetic waves are called microwaves.

The whole inside compartment of the microwave oven is made tightly sealed, no radiation will come out. This way the magnetic wave rotates inside the compartment and vibrates the water molecules of food that in result generate heat and warm up your food.

Air Fryer vs Microwave — Comparison Table

Term Air Fryer Microwave
Shape 813j2tMXX4L. AC SR200,200 | Can air fryer replace a microwave? 91YvtA9TKDL. AC SR200,200 | Can air fryer replace a microwave?
Power Consumption 1.3K – 1.7K (Kwh) 1.8k – 2.5k (Kwh)
Radiations No radiations Electro-magnetic
Space for cooking Average( Can’t Cook much food) Much more space than a normal Air fryer.
Speed of cooking  Slower
Average time( 5-10 minutes)
Faster cooking speed than an Air Fryer.
Price Affordable 
Average price falls b/w $50-$150.
1.8k – 2.5k (Kwh)Expensive
Average price falls b/w $100-$200
1.8k – 2.5k (Kwh)

Pros & Cons — Air Fryer or Microwave

Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both the microwave and an air fryer so you can easily compare both and find what you can do and what you can’t.

Air Fryer Pros & Cons

  • Less or approximately no oil required for frying.
  • Beneficial for health.
  • Warm-up food without radiation.
  • Some models come with presets for cooking.
  • Easy to move from one place to another.
  • It is easier to clean an air fryer.
  • You can cook and reheat more variety of food.
  • It will cook slower than a microwave.
  • You have to make batches of food if you want to reheat or cook a large amount of food.
  • Limited cooking space.

Microwave Pros & Cons

  • It cooks faster.
  • More space to reheat the whole plate full of food in a single go.
  • They are very simple and easy to use.
  • It will cook more accurately.
  • You can warm up liquids in the microwave.
  • It will cook the meat 2 to 3 times faster than the air fryer.
  • Cook food with radiation.
  • It can ultimately dry your food.
  • The taste of food can be ruined.

Is it okay to have a microwave?

Obviously, microwaves can’t do a lot of things that an air fryer can do. If you already have a microwave then try not to sell out that microwave. Keep that microwave oven at some point you’re going to need that. Like an air-fryer can’t warm up the liquids at all but a microwave oven can do this without any problem.

How is an air fryer beneficial for health?

Fat and calories are the major factors that cause severe health issues. They can harm you from deep-fried food. Deep-fried food is a common thing in fast food chains and even it dominates our homes and it becomes our regular food. This thing is ruining us. 

Here air fryers come to give people a healthy life. In an air fryer, you have to consume about 90% less oil for frying purposes. This thing reduces fat and calories from our daily food. Also, it doesn’t vibrate the liquids in your food to produce heat by this your food will be saved from evaporating the proteins and vitamins in it.

What if you have to choose between an air fryer and a microwave?

Choosing between two approximately equal featured products is difficult. But as I have explained every aspect of both products very deeply. This research will help you a lot in taking the best decision for yourself. If you ask my opinion I will go for an air fryer. Details of why I made this opinion are discussed further.

Final Verdict

Actually, I am using my air fryer more than the microwave oven. Because I don’t have to put a lot and lots of food in a single go. In my opinion air fryers are better than microwave ovens. I have a family-size air fryer that doesn’t have more space than a microwave oven but it has enough space for me to reheat and cook food. The air fryer also has a great benefit. On this benefit, I can compromise anything and that benefit is my health. 

No doubt it takes more time to cook in comparison to microwaves and deep fryers. But I can invest that time into my health. The air fryer uses a very low amount of oil to fry finger chips or meat.

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