Electric Kettle vs. Stove


Making a decision between approximately similar products is hectic. We are here to help you sort out things that will help you make your decision easier. The markets are full of products that have the same features and the same functionalities. Like an electric kettle vs. stove, both are capable of boiling water. 

Electric Kettle vs. Stove — Comparison Table?

Electric Kettle Stove
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It can boil water rapidly. It takes a little bit more time than an electric kettle.
You only have to put water in it, and the rest is automatic. You have to find a stovetop kettle or and stainless steel dish to boil water in it.
It will auto-shut off after boiling. The whole procedure is manual.
Good for a small family. Good for a big family.
It will boil only water. You can cook any food on it.

You have to be cleared on your conditions. We cleared every aspect of both electric kettle and stove on which they can be differentiated. If you are a single living person or you want to boil water in your office then an Electric kettle is best for you. If you have a big family and you don’t want to boil only water then a stove is best for you.

If you are looking to buy a kettle or a stove, it’s essential to understand your needs, as well as your budget. Purchasing an electric kettle is not as simple as going into a supermarket and buying one. Before you buy one, make sure that you do your research online or in a store, read the features, and compare prices. This will ensure that you don’t end up with a kettle that does not have the functions you need and is more expensive than you thought it would be.

So you came with us here, hope you made a buying decision. You are going to choose between an electric kettle vs. a stove. We respect your decision. But if you want to buy an electric kettle, we have a separate article of which are the Best Electric Kettles for you.

It’s good to find what is best for you according to your cooking style and your daily need and usage. It entirely depends on a person’s daily routine and the time one can spend on cooking purposes. We evaluate some key factors on which your buying decision can depend.


Time is key to success, what if you are enjoying your success. Then you can spend some time cooking and enjoy the process of cooking. So, if you have time then you should go with a Stove not with an electric kettle because the prices of both are approximately the same. Ending up buying a stove can be a good decision if you want to cook things other than just boiling liquids.

Vice Versa, if you don’t have much time in daily routines and also want a product that saves time and helps you also in offices, then you should go with an electric kettle.

Electric Kettle Buying Guide

While buying an electric kettle you must consider these instructions.

No Plastic

BPA(Bisphenol A) Plastics are harmful to human health. They get more injurious to health when they get in contact with hot water. While finding an electric kettle make sure that none of its plastic components gets in contact with water. There are some electric kettles in the market that have small plastic filters which get in contact with water. So be aware of plastic touching your food in any sense.

Stainless steel

No doubt electric kettles made up of stainless steel are not very modern. Also people believe these kettles get rusted very quickly. Things lose their durability with wear and tear. But when you take care of it they last longer. The same is with stainless steel bodies, when you clean them regularly and maintain them they last more.

Believe me your sacrifice of design over quality and durability worth it. Because electric kettles made of glass have more probability of breaking. Also, they have plastic materials in them that contacts water. 

Rapid boiling

Everyone wants to save time due to which they prefer an electric kettle over a stove. If an electric kettle is taking more than 5 minutes to boil then it’s not acceptable and it does not fulfil its major requirement. Always consider buying an electric kettle with a rapid boiling feature, because time is money.

Electric Stove Buying Guide

There are so many Tips & Tricks to use an Electric Stove. We only feature what to look for while purchasing an electric stove.


Basically, the stove has a heating element or plate inside it. So, in some cases, they can cause harmful radiations. These harmful radiations can be very dangerous for pregnant women. While buying a stove read the instructions and other features carefully and stay away from the products that do not mention radiation-free on them.


Sometimes noise can be irritating and distract you from enjoyable cooking and ruin your mood. No one wants a product that creates weird noises. You should pay attention to every detail to buy a good product, companies provide every single feature. A purchase done in a hurry will cause you loss and waste your time.


A stove can be very heavy as well as light. If you want to do outdoor parties and camping then prefer a lightweight electric stove. Electric stoves are useful and durable for all purposes like outdoor and indoor. Also, it’s very easy to clean and maintain a stainless steel body.

Also read: Which are the Best Low Profile Over the Range Microwave Oven. These are microwaves that have a built-in exhaust.


From all of the above healthy discussion, we concluded that Electric Stoves are better than Electric kettles. Because if you pay for an electric kettle, you can only boil water, tea or any other liquid. But when you buy an electric stove, you can cook anything on it with the pans or other stuff readily available in your kitchen. When you buy a Stove, you can quickly boil water with any cookware available in your kitchen.

If your primary purpose is boiling, but you want to do other types of cooking. You can buy Stovetop Kettles, which will help you in boiling water, tea, and coffee. If you want to buy something only for your office, you should go for the electric kettles.

Final statement

Best Electric Kettle

If you only want to boil your water, nothing else, then a Miroco 1.5 litre Electric Kettle will be the best choice for you to add to your kitchen. Because no water gets in contact with plastic also it is not much expensive (affordable).

Best Electric Stove

Cusimax 1500w Electric Hot Plate is the best one in the market. Because it has all features we should care about and is available at a reasonable and affordable price on Amazon.

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