Pressure Cooker vs Air Fryer


Both appliances’ pressure cooker and air fryer work on different mechanisms and they both provide different types of results. These two appliances provide healthy food, you can’t say that one provides more healthy food than the other. But pressure cooker vs air fryer can be a cliche because you can’t compare them as they provide totally different types of food cooking variety. The only thing you can do is compare which one is more important for your kitchen.

I tell you about my kitchen, I have both the air fryer and pressure cooker. The pressure cooker is a regular one, not an instant pot modern pressure cooker.

But the common thing in them is modern and old works on the same basic functionality. If you have an old one, you have to cook with extra care. On the other hand, modern appliances come with more user-friendliness and accuracy. That ultimately helps you in tension-free cooking.

As per my experience pressure cooker make the food faster than the air fryer. As you know you cannot make rice in an air fryer but you can make rice in a pressure cooker. Also, you cannot fry finger chips in a pressure cooker. You have to deep fry them or have to put them in an air fryer. The most healthier way to cook finger chips is to make them in an air fryer.

Pressure Cooker vs Air Fryer — How do they Work?

A pressure cooker works on steam heating. A pressure cooker is actually a sealed container that doesn’t let the inside steam get out until you want to. To seal the container properly a sealing kit is used for this purpose in a regular pressure cooker. A modern electric pressure cooker has a head gas kit that maintains the pressure inside of the cookware.

When cooking is started, heat will start getting up and it tends to produce steam inside. That steam ultimately starts cooking whatever food you put in it. Steam cooking is also considered healthy cooking by experts. This steam helps the food cook faster.

On the other hand, the air fryer works on the mechanism of throwing hot on the food. The air fryer has a fan and a heating element that produces heat and the fan throws heat on food that ultimately cooks food. 

The common thing in both procedures is there is a chance of overheating and your food can be burnt. You have to give some tries to understand your appliances before you come to a point of decision.

Comparison Table Pressure Cooker vs Air Fryer

I have made this comparison between an electric air fryer and an electric pressure cooker. 

Term Pressure Cooker Air Fryer
Shape 71 8MmgeUhL. AC SY300 SX300 QL70 FMwebp AC SR200,200 | Pressure Cooker vs Air Fryer 813j2tMXX4L. AC SR200,200 | Pressure Cooker vs Air Fryer
Space Starts from 3qt go up to 15qt Starts from 1qt go up to 10qt
Power Consumption 1200W 1700W
Cooking Speed Faster Slower
Cooking Options 7-10 5-15
Weight 8 -25 Pounds 6-16 Pounds
Ease of use A bit tricky to use Easy to use

Is Pressure Cooking Healthier than Air Frying?

You have to be clear on one thing, both pressure cooker and air fryer cook on very little oil that is better than deep-frying. But the air fryer helps you cook deep-fry food in little oil. While pressure cooker doesn’t mean to fry food. 

The point I’ll explain here that frying and pressure cooking are two different methods of cooking. Obviously, you need both appliances if you are going to do both styles of cooking. 

In my opinion, an air fryer is healthier than a pressure cooker because it saves you from deep-fried, full of calories food. 

Pressure Cooker vs Air fryer – Which one is safer?

Safety is a major concern of every person. Pressure cookers and air fryers both works at very high temperatures, very little ignorance can be very dangerous in both cases. The ignorance like, one may spread extra oil that could be very hazardous. 

If anyone has made that ignorance in reaction air fryer can catch fire because of excessive heat caught by oil. On the other hand, a pressure cooker can cause a blast because of the extreme pressure of steam inside that container.

As I have explained everything, all the facts are telling that an air fryer is safer because you can control fire but you cannot control a blast.

Last Thought

At last, I have to say that you have to decide which type of food you consume more. That is going to help you in making your decision. Both pressure cooker and air fryer make different types of food.

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