Why butterfly knives are illegal?


Butterfly knives are illegal because people are in love with these types of knives, and they buy them and use them without any training. Result of which people hurt themselves. And emergencies of hospitals were reporting these types of incidents on a daily basis. This is the major reason that these butterfly knives are illegal. As well, there have been a number of reported crimes involving thieves with butterfly knives. 

Historical Reason behind banning of butterfly knives?

In the 1980s, butterfly knives gained the highest popularity, and people start importing these knives in numbers of quantity. These knives were primarily used for fun and joy. But after some time, these knives were reported in crimes. When the water runs above the heads of crime defence authorities, they bring out a policy to ban them. 

After the implementation law, people throw their knives and authorities seen these cases in a big amount that most of the people dropped their knives. This act of people makes the authorities sure that these knives are only offensive they cannot be used as a utility.

Utility knives like Swiss knives are not banned because they are very useful and follow every limit imposed by law. But in the case of butterfly knives, they have no utility. Hence they are now categorized as an offensive weapon.

States of America in which butterfly knives are illegal?

Butterfly knives are strictly illegal and banned in about 8 states of America. These states have strict rules on owning Butterfly knives. You may go through very high consciences if you buy, sell or made a butterfly knife.

  1. Texas: Butterfly knives are the style of switchable knives, And switchable knives are banned in this state.
  2. Hawaii: Zero tolerance policy on butterfly knives in this state.
  3. New York: Only those can own them who have a license of fishing. Visitors cannot carry it along with them.
  4. Oregon: Strictly illegal.
  5. Wisconsin: It is legal only on your own property. You cannot carry them anywhere with you.
  6. Utah: Strictly Illegal.
  7. Kansas: General Legal Restrictions.
  8. California: These knives are longer than 2 inches, and you can only own a knife in California with a length shorter than 2 inches.

Other 42 states have their own rules and regulations. Kindly check the rules and regulations on knives in your state before buying butterfly knives.

Other than the United States of America, butterfly knives are restricted in other countries too. We listed the Majors.

  1. United Kingdom: From 1980s government of the UK states that it is illegal to possess butterfly knives. But you can own them. Walking with them is a criminal offence.
  2. Germany: In 2003 after the incident in Erfurt School Massacre, the butterfly knives got banned under Weapons Law.
  3. Switzerland: Prohibit under criminal offence, one cannot carry, borrow or manufacture these knives.
  4. Australia: These knives are prohibited because they also fall in the category of Gravity Knives.
  5. Philippines: Illegal to carry without a proper permit due to an increase in crime.

How does Balisong Knife work?

Butterfly knife has one safe handle, one bite handle which is going to move frequently and a sharp blade. The safe handle is where you will grab the knife and move it. There is a safety lock on the bottom of the bite handle. This is basically a magnet that will not let the knife unfold.

History of Butterfly Knives

Basically, it is a Philippine weapon. Although its history of invention is not clear and no written note can be found that claims its origin. But there is an oral claim that states it was created in the Philippines in 800 AD.

The mass production of this knife is attested in the book is started in 1900s in the Philippines. Nowadays, butterfly knives are perfected in the Philippines and used as a weapon more than a tool.

Techniques to use these butterfly knives are also originated from the Philippines.


The butterfly knife is also said a balisong knife, and this word balisong is derived from a word in Tagalog (baling sungay). Baling referred to broken, and sungay is referred to Horn as it is claimed that these knives are originally made from the Horns of Deer or Carved carabao. 

These knives are also said butterfly because they are very fast, and their click-clacks resembles butterfly movements.

Making of Butterfly Knife?

Nowadays, these knives are made from different types of mild steels. But back in the Philippines, these knives were traditionally made from the racks of trains. That’s why antique knives were so hard and durable.

Mainly there are two types of structures available for butterfly knife that exist and very popular.

1. Channel

Channel structure is the stronger one and only recommended for professionals. Its made of a single piece of steel. That why these types of knives are harder.

2. Sandwich

These type of knives are recommended for beginners. These are made of different pieces and pins.

How to get trained on a butterfly knife without getting hurt?

Butterfly knives are not that simple as they look. These knives required very hard training to grip and use properly. You cannot get training on the original butterfly knife with a sharp blade. This could hurt you as a result, and you will end up in hospital. I know that people want to train on them, but there is another way to get trained on butterfly knives. And the best way is to practice with a fake butterfly knife or a trainer knife. These knives have no blade that can harm other than a blade. It works on the same mechanism.

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